Our solutions are designed to protect the integrity, confidentiality and accessibility of your company’s data resources

We provide comprehensive network security solutions that fall into three big buckets:

Network Security Hardware

The right hardware is essential. We’ve got special relationships with the big manufacturers of security devices and we buy in bulk, so no matter what security appliances you need you’ll get the best price.

Employee Security Training

To be safe in the long-term, you need everyone on board. We train your employees on the best practices for data security and privacy. All it takes is one weak link to break a chain, so let us strengthen your links.

Custom Software Solutions

Do you need custom software solutions for what you’re trying to do? It might be an industry specific issue, or something really sensitive you can’t rely on a third-party for. We can make what you need exactly to your requirements.

Competitive Rates


Our Relationships. Your Savings.

Our rates are competitive because of our reseller relationships with prominent vendors.  This also gives us access to surplus inventory of previous generation hardware. In addition, we take advantage of refurbished technology when that is the right solution for the customer requirement.


We Can Help

Contact us today and we can start a conversation about what problems you are facing, how we can help solve them, and how much it might cost.  

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